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A path in the woods

Is this you?

Have you been on a spiritual adventure?
Are you dissatisfied with religion?
Do you feel religion is too small or restrictive for the larger you?
Do you feel or know there is more out there than simply what we see and are told?
Do you feel or know that we, as humans, are destined for great things as individuals and mankind as a whole?
Do you feel there is a greater wisdom, understanding, and knowledge that is just out of reach and yet it is a heritage that is rightfully ours?

Then you have come to the right place. We are not a religion, though we do reference "religious" material. We look for spiritual enlightenment wherever it's found. We search for sparks of enlightenment. Through the collecting of these sparks mankind raises itself to a higher level.

Mankind is a very special creation. We have a very special place and purpose. We have a special story. Mankind has a very special mission ordained by the Creator .

Mankind is a king without a crown. We are to apprehend that rightful crown.

The study of Avraham’s walk will help us find our way on the path we must take.

May you be Blessed for your earnest effort,

David Ben Shaul