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A path in the woods

The intent is noble

Most of us often wonder if there is more to life or are trying to put our hands around what is our meaning/purpose (In short a spiritual pursuit).  What we are ultimately seeking, is the Creator for answers.  This is actually the ultimate task programmed within us.  Many don’t take the journey out of fear of the unknown (we were never prepared for such a journey) or just go forward ill prepared.


Difficulty in the Journey

A spiritual pursuit/path is full of obstacles, pitfalls, and distractions that will easily derail anyone’s efforts. It is a daunting effort for even the strongest at heart.  It can be confusing at best and faith destroying at worst (this is largely what happens). 


We simply are not prepared!

It’s not our fault!  We are simply not prepared nor equipped for such a journey. Thus, it is unwise to take the journey without preparation or guidance.  This is because our religions upbringing does not give us the foundation and tools to work with.  We are ultimately left victim to our ignorance.


There is a solution

All said and done, we are left with the need to prepare for the journey and even some guidance at times.  It’s clear that taking such a journey unequipped and with out guidance, is not the best way to start.  Journeys fail due to lack of preparation and planning.  There is a solution for this.  It’s called Spiritual Coaching.


A Spiritual Coach?

There are 2 keys that must be employed for the journey to be successful.  Firstly, having tools in our arsenal that will help us identify pitfalls, to remove obstacles, and avoid confusion. Secondly, it is always safer to travel in pairs.  Whenever, we hike in the woods or swim it is best to have a partner or at least be near supervision.  Thus if there is a mishap, help can be summoned quickly.

It is simply unwise to take the journey alone.

A Spiritual Coach will introduce the tools you require, help you identify, and work through difficulties.  An experienced guide is priceless!

Contemplate: “Give a man a fish and he is fed for the day.  Teach him to fish and his is fed for a lifetime.” This is the purpose of a Spiritual Coach; to teach people to feed themselves for a lifetime.


Personalized approach

Since each person is unique, the journey is unique, and as such requires an individualized targeted approach.  A Spiritual Coach will prepare a plan that identify:

The knowledge needed before the journey
The appropriate tools needed
The Spiritual Coach is meant only to assist.  The individual is ultimately in charge and makes the final decisions through the journey.

Let us help smooth your journey into truth.

May you be Blessed for your earnest effort,