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Welcome my Friends!

It has been said, “The Eyes are the Window to the Soul!”

We are all on a wonderful adventure.  An adventure to discover who and what we really are.  That is, the core of our being.  Who we really are is not contained within our body and mind.  It’s contained within the soul.

As a society we relegate the soul to last place behind the body.  Even our mind is, for the most part, geared to the satisfaction of the body.  We are so geared towards satisfying the body, that all of our resources are brought to bear to that end.  We are literally sacrificing our soul for the wellbeing of the body.

Yet “The Eyes are the Window to the Soul!”  Take a look in the mirror at your own eyes.  Do you see a beautiful soul looking back?  Look at your spouse or significant other’s eyes.  Look closely and deeply.  Did you see it?  Is it not the most extraordinary thing you ever seen?!  It’s there waiting to be discovered.

The soul should be receiving our attention.

Consider this my Friend!

It has been said, “A Life is a World.”  It is also said, “To Destroy a life is to Destroy a World.” 

Within the soul is a vast world.  This world is there for the taking.  It is meant to be brought to reality and to be shared.  We live in an illusion created by our pursuit to satisfy the body.  It’s time to change that.

The soul is vast; we will take many lifetimes to discover what is there.  It is largely untapped by humanity.  By not tapping into the soul, we are in essence destroying the world within The Soul.


“The World to Come”

“The world to come” is not actually a future event. In the original tongue it means “The world that is coming”. This means that it is in the process of arriving and being revealed.  

More and more people are coming to the realization that this world is within and is slowly becoming an unavoidable consideration for contemplation.

We should want to be part of that process.  Waiting on the sidelines will not enlighten us of our true self.

Get on board and ride the soul adventure!


What should we do?

Firstly, it is most important that we realize the key to changing this external world is to change the individual. Don’t concern yourself with the world without.  Rather concern yourself with the world within. Let people pursue their own soul.  It is best to buzzy yourself with pursuing your own soul.

Secondly, value the inner world more than physical life.  This means, change to prioritizing the soul over the body. Rearrange your resources in the pursuit of the soul within.

Though these 2 points are simple at first glance, they are in fact not.  With a quick contemplation, these points become quite difficult. This is partially because we don’t have the knowledge or the skills to facilitate the process.

The external world does not want us to discover the true self. It requires a lot of effort to be reoriented.


Don’t take the journey alone!

With such a journey, it is imperative not to take it alone.  By including a partner/guide helps in a few ways.

Firstly, an experienced guide can make the journey smoother and potentially quicker.  It helps to have someone who has been there already. The guide can help prepare you for the journey.

Secondly, there are times when excitement takes over and a person does not know when to slowdown.  This ends up in burnout.  A guide will throttle back the journey when needed to prevent this. Progress is moe important than speed.  Its easy “to out run your own lights”.

Thirdly, on occasions it feels that a wall or mental block was hit.  This can cause frustration.  A guide can help one to overcome the wall/block.

Fourthly, a guild can identify learning opportunities along the way.  This ensures the experience is in fact fruitful.

Fifthly, this may be the most important.  A guide can help relate the journey to your uniqueness.  Identifying those experiences that are unique to you.


Where to go from here

Universal Truth Of Mankind (UTOM) offers opportunities to learn and discuss topics that are not normally spoken about.  These discussions include tools in which to help the journey along.  However, each person is unique and requires an unique approach to tapping into their soul.  The vast world that the Creator has gifted us with.

Universal Truth Of Mankind offers designed courses that are individualized and designed to meet the uniqueness of the individual.  Individualized courses are 4 to 8 weeks long.

We have individual courses via zoom or phone.  This prevents confusion and misunderstandings.  One on one.  All courses are free and you are in complete control  You choose the topic.  You determine the pace you wish to be at. You can cancel anytime.  No obligations!  No cost!  This is an effort out of love and graciousness for our Creator. 

Please reach out to us and see if we can help you on a better and more satisfying soul journey!

Where to find us

Email: DoubleMenorah@yahoo.com

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