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About Us


We of UTOM (Universal Truth Of Mankind) are searching for Communal Truth that belongs to all Mankind. This truth, is a heritage that we have a right to. It is attainable with earnest effort. It is meant for the betterment of the individual and community of mankind.

To aid in this search we use various sources;

From the TaNaK (commonly called the Hebrew Scriptures or "Old Testament").

From esoteric teachings such as the Zohar..

From science, history, and other sources.

We recognize the following;

The soul having a body (not a body having a soul).

Our soul belonging to a greater universal (collective) soul.

That universal Truth, though it belongs to all, is meant to be acquired through earnest effort and pursuit. Why? Something earned is respected, valued, and retained.


About the Author/Director (UTOM)

Since an early age, I was fascinated with the nature of G-d and my relationship with G-d.  I knew IT was larger than me, and I can only comprehend IT via the uniqueness of who I am.  We are all unique, and thus the Creator would reveal ITSELF to each of us uniquely.  It quickly became obvious to me that religion is not capable of adjusting itself to our uniqueness.

I have a unique ability to simplify things.  I am attuned to recognizing patterns (both intellectually and visually) that surrounded me.  This gave me a unique means to problem solve.  This was found to be useful in Software Engineering, (I received my B.S. in this discipline, and minored in Business) and eventually even in Program Management.  Yes a geek can barrow lessons from Software Engineering, and apply them to Management.

No matter where I was, or what I did, I never neglected my efforts to understand G-d in my uniqueness. It is my earnest desire for others to learn of G-d in their uniqueness. This is why I created UTOM.

Shalom! Shalom!